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8 pin Apple Lightning proprietary of Apple Lightning connector connector layout
8 pin Apple Lightning proprietary connector
at the cable
Pinout compatibility:
  • Apple iPad (4th generation)
  • Apple iPad mini
  • Apple iPad Retina
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPod nano 7th generation
  • Apple iPod Touch 5th generation
Apple Lightning is a proprietary computer bus and power connector created by Apple Inc. to replace its previous proprietary 30-pin dock connector. It intended to connect mobile devices like iPhone 5, iPod touch 5g or iPad mini to host computers.
1 GND ground
2 L0p lane 0 positive
3 L0n lane 0 negative
4 ID0 identification/control 0
5 PWR power (charger or battery)
6 L1n lane 1 negative
7 L1p lane 1 positive
8 ID1 identification/control 1

Apple Lightning interface is adaptive - the controller chip dynamically assign pins function according to plugged device.

The Apple Lightning connector plug can be inserted with either side facing up (the processor inside the plug detects the plug's orientation and routes the electrical signals to the correct pins).Two differential pair lanes (L0p/n and L1p/n) may swap in IC of device connector (lanes don't swap if accessory identification chip connect to ID0 pin). 

Apple included an authentication chip in the Lightning cables which was already explored and reproduced by some chinese manufacturers.

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