for data/flash cable only
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Direction Description
1 GND --- Ground
2 TX --> Data Transmission
3 MBUS <--> Control bus
4 RX <-- Data Receiver
A Vbat   Voltage source
B     is battery type Li ion 74.5kohm to ground. NiMh 35Kohm to ground.
C BSI   battery thermistor. 25K to 40K
D Gnd --- Ground

Someone suggested another pinout for Nokia 3310: 1=MBUS; 2=GND; 3=RX; 4=TX

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4 pin Nokia cell phone proprietary of Nokia 3310, 3315, 3330, 3350, 3390, 3410, 5510  cell phones FBus/MBus connector connector layout
4 pin Nokia cell phone proprietary connector
at the mobile phone (under the back cover)
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