this cable may be used for dump/restore camcorder's firmware, unlock DV-in, change internal registers in Sony camcorders

The plug on the left is the 2.5-mm stereo jack that is used for the LanC connection (LANC signal marked by L) on the camcorder, whereas the DB25M connector on the right is a male LPT 25-pin connector and connects to your PC. The cable in between is approx. 3-feet in length and is shielded, whereas the transistor, or rather mosfet, is a common N-channel mosfet rated at 60-volts, the BS-170.

This cable is designed to work with EPP or ECP printer ports only and will not work with SPP or Normal settings. Some notebooks might not be able to supply enough power to their printer port to use the interface cable successfully.

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3 pin stereo plug connector layout
3 pin stereo plug connector
at the camera (2.5 mm jack used)