12 pin SNES EDGE proprietary of Nintendo SNES Video схематический вид разъема
12 pin SNES EDGE proprietary разъем
at the SNES
Available on the Nintendo SNES
Pin Name Description
1 R Red (Requires 200 uF in series)
2 G Green (Requires 200 uF in series)
3 CSYNC Composite Sync
4 B Blue (Requires 200 uF in series)
5 GND Ground
6 GND Ground
7 Y S-Video Y
8 C S-Video C
9 CVBS Composite Video (NTSC)
10 +5V +5 VDC
11 L+R Left+Right Audio (Mono)
12 L-R Left-Right Audio (Used to calculate Stereo)
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