HDD and other storage devices connectors pinouts
This connector is mostly used for 2.5 IDE HDD of laptops and some other device. Equal to ATA (44) connector, except 50 pin connector used.

Although there are 50 pins in the plug, the mating receptacle need contain only 44 pins (the removal of pins 5 and 6 provides room for the wall of the receptacle). The first four pins of the connector plug located on the device are not to be connected to the host, as they are reserved for manufacturer"s use. Pins 5, 6 are keys, and are removed.

Pin Name Dir Description
1  Vendor specific
2  Vendor specific
3  Vendor specific
4  Vendor specific
5  keypin
6  keypin
50 pin IDC male connector layout
50 pin IDC male connector
at the controller & peripherals
50 pin IDC female connector layout
50 pin IDC female connector
at the cable
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Is this pinout
ATA (50) internal visual pinout:
ATA (50) internal diagram
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