With this adapter you can connect a MIDI instrument with standard cables to the Creative LivedriveII
LivedriveII female miniDIN Pin
LivedriveII female miniDIN Pin
Direction Male 5 pin DIN of MIDI cable Pin
Male 5 pin DIN of MIDI cable Pin
NC 2 --- 2 Shield  
Current source 5 --- 4 Current Source  
Current Sink 4 --- 5 Current Sink  
NC 1 --- 1 NC  
NC 3 --- 3 NC  

5 pin mini-DIN male is equal to 6 pin mini-DIN male PS/2 without pin 2 or the plastic block, but note that PS/2 cables may not have pin 6 connected (pin 4 as labeled on the 5-pin connector). Tested with CASIO Keyboard.

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5 pin mini-din connector layout
5 pin mini-din connector
at the LivedriveII female miniDIN
5 pin DIN female connector layout
5 pin DIN female connector
at the Male 5 pin DIN of MIDI cable