TA4 TA4F TA4M for Shure Beltpacks
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Pin 1 Shield (ground)  Says by itself...
Pin 2 Bias (+5Vdc)  
Pin 3 Audio +  
Pin 4 20 k Ohm resistor to ground  (Link to pin 3 when connecting to condenser microphones. Instrument input - leave unconnected)

These are for Shure beltpacks only as each manufacturer has it's own pinout standards for ta4 connectors. JTS, Carvin Wireless and AMX beltpacks also have the same pinout.

Pin 2 needs to be linked to pin 3 via a 2k2 resistor for Da-Cappo Condenser microphone.

Pin 2 needs to be linked to pin 3 via a 8.2k resistor for Sennheiser HSP 4.

NB: Non-condenser microphones (That does not require Phantom Power) are to be considered as Instruments and -must- be linked -Only- to pin 1 (Ground) and 3 (Audio +); even if some of these non condenser microphones may have 3 wires to connect.

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