Example: 1 TW=1000 GW (W=Watt)

Symbol Prefix Factor
Z Zetta 1021
E Exa 1018
P peta 1015
T tera 1012
G giga 109
M Mega 106
k kilo 103
h hecto 102
da deca 101
d deci 10-1
c centi 10-2
m milli 10-3
? micro 10-6
n nano 10-9
p pico 10-12
f femto 10-15
a atto 10-18
z zepto 10-21
y yokto 10-24
Note: In the computer world things are a bit different:
Symbol Prefix Factor Factor
Pb peta 250 1125899906842624
Tb tera 240 1099511627776
Gb giga 230 1073741824
Mb Mega 220 1048576
Kb kilo 210 1024

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SI Prefixes Table visual pinout:
SI Prefixes Table diagram
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Source(s) of this and additional information: Farnell Components Catalogue, from Hardware Book, Haudy Kazemi, Knut Kristan Weber
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