Распиновки разных разъемов на материнской плате


1 GND (Black)
2 +12V (Red)
3 Sense (Yellow): spin sensor


Fans with three pin connectors Must Be Used on 3 pin CPU-Fan pinouts.  

The #3 pin senses fan RPM (revolutions per minute). When no revolutions are sensed by the system, an audio alarm &/or no system boot will occur, warning the user &/or preventing proccessor overheating and burnout. Typically, the motherboard is required to pull the pin up through a resistor, with the fan connecting it to ground once (or more) per revolution.

Other 3 pin fan connectors, such as case fan connectors may use a fan with a 2 pin plug (12v+ & Gnd ). RPM notification is not important on those connectors.

No alarm or boot prevention is associated with these.

3 pin IDC male схематический вид разъема
Разъем 3 pin IDC male
at the motherboard
3 pin motherboard fan  схематический вид разъема
Разъем 3 pin motherboard fan
at the fan cable
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