ATX, WTX and other standard and proprietary power supply (PSU) cables connectors pinouts

Molex 67581-0000 used for cable connector and Molex 67582-0000  used for terminals connector.

The SATA standard specifies a power connector sharply differing from those used by PATA drives and many other computer components. It is wafer-based, 15-pin shape. The seemingly large number of pins are used to supply three different voltages — 3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V.

Each voltage is supplied by three pins ganged together (and 5 pins for ground). This is because the small pins cannot supply sufficient current for some devices. One pin from each of the three voltages is also used for hotplugging. The same physical connections are used on 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch notebook  hard disks.

Pin Signal   PSU Color Wire
1 +3.3VDC   orange
2 +3.3VDC   orange
3 +3.3VDC   orange
4 GND   black
5 GND   black
6 GND   black
7 +5VDC   red
8 +5VDC   red
9 +5VDC   red
10 GND   black
11 Optional   black
12 GND   black
13 +12VDC   yellow
14 +12VDC   yellow
15 +12VDC   yellow



Pins 3,7,13 are pre-charge.

Pin 11 can be used for activity indication and/or staggered spin-up.

Pins 1, 2, and 3 are optional as well, as evidenced by some adapter cables that connect the drives to older PSUs. These are usually Y-adapters that have the four-pin drive connector on the other end. Currently, SATA drives rarely use 3.3 volts. That may be because there are too many people using adapters so the drive makers don't want the headaches which come with using 3.3 volts. But in the future, 3.3 volt drives may become common so you need to be careful when using SATA power cables which don't implement 3.3 volts.




15 pin Molex 67581-0000 SATA power connector layout
15 pin Molex 67581-0000 SATA power connector
at the cable
15 pin Molex 67582-0000 SATA plug connector layout
15 pin Molex 67582-0000 SATA plug connector
at the SATA drives
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Is this pinout
Serial ATA (SATA) power connector visual pinout:
Serial ATA (SATA) power connector diagram
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