35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" female connector layout
35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" female connector
at the videocard/monitor
Defined by Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) in the Plug and Display (P&D) standard. Also known as M1-DA (used in some Infocus and ASK multimedia projectors).
Pin Name
1TMDS Data 2 +
2TMDS Data 2 -
3TMDS Data return
4Hz and Vt Sync return
5Horizontal sync/Composite sync
6Vertical sync
7TMDS Clock return
8Charge power
91394 pair A, data -
101394 pair A, data +
11TMDS Data 1 +
12TMDS Data 1 -
13TMDS Data 1 return
14TMDS Clock +
15TMDS Clock -
16USB data +
17USB data -
18*1394 outer shield (optional) & Charge Power return
191394 Vg
201394 Vp
21TMDS Data 0 +
22TMDS Data 0 -
23TMDS Data 0 return
24Stereo sync (TTL)
25DDC return & Stereo Sync return
26DDC data (SDA)
27DDC clock (SCL)
28+5 VDC
291394 pair B, clock +
301394 pair B, clock -
C1Red Video
C2Green Video
C3Pixel clock (optional)
C4Blue Video
C5Video / Pixel Clock Ground

Supposed list of compatible devices:

InFocus DP1200X, IN42, LP70, LP120, LP130, LP335, LP340, LP350, LP500/530, LP600, LP630, LP650, LP920, LP925, LP930, SP110, X2, X3 Multimedia Projectors.

ASK Proxima C110, C160, C170, C180, C410, C420, M1 Multimedia Projectors.

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