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Hello all,

I have an old HP Vectra VL 6 computer whose Power supply failed.
The power supply connector is very similar to HP vectra VL5 ( but has a 14th wire (colored grey), placed before pin 1 (as also mentionned by other users in reports section).
Also there is another 4 pin molex connector for 3.3V.

Does anyone knows what is the function of this pin ?
I tried to map a standard ATX power supply instead of the original PSU (based on 12/13 pin version found here) but it does not work.  :-\

Any help would be appreciated !
hi everyone , i need help please.
iam making an RGB ps1 and ps2 cables (to use with NTSC and PAL consoles) , some sites say that pin2 is the right audio channel and some sites say that its the left audio channel. which is the correct information please?
many thanks
hi guys
i have a hp1400watt felxslot power server
how can i full load this power ?
when connected pin 2 to - power get run but whit 6.67volts
I am trying to convert 26 pin Ribbon cable from Dell Floppy Drive to 9 pin Mother Board. I have a picture of the End connector from Ribbon cable to Mother board but can't find out how to post a picture.Is it ok to send me email and i will email picture to anyone that might help me idenify Picture of end cable!Thanks
The knowledge gained from this reading. It is very helpful and I will put it to use in everyday life.
I agree it has been a very useful resource over the years
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Help on Pinout server PSU
Last post by dmanusa - Jan 20, 2018, 21:35
I have a dell server hot swap PSU 1850W F1850-SO that has the same blade layout as the F750-SO .. I'm trying to convert it to a miner PSU and hoping someone can tell me what the connector layout is on the control pins that are needed for 12v power switch.
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Some love for Pinouts.RU
Last post by TrevC - Jan 19, 2018, 13:38
I've been coming to for at least a decade and a half, most likely longer.
Not exactly the kind of website that you need to keep open daily, but super useful when you need it.
Thanks for being here. :)
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