Various devices cables and adapters schematics
For Programming DSC Alarm Panels with DLS Software
Device 1
Pin Number
Device 1
Pin Name
Direction Device 2
Pin Number
Device 2
Pin Name
Description (may be empty)
2 RD Receive 4 Serial Output  Serial Data from Alarm Panel - Red wire
3 TD Transmit 1 Serial Input  Serial Data to Alarm Panel - Yellow Wire
4 DTR Transmit NC    Jumper to DSR
5 SG Ground 2 Ground  Signal Ground - Black
5 SG Ground 3 Ground  Signal Ground - Black
6 DSR Receive NC    Jumper to DTR

The Pin red and yellow may be inverted, the pin number 1 is the red and in the table Device 2 is set as 4, the Mini-Molex has the pin 1 in the red wire location?

Connect the Molex to the PC-Link connector on the alarm panels main board. Connect it so that the red wire is directly beside the 'SO' printed on the circuit board.

You will also need the DSC software. This will not work with just a ordinary comm. program

Wire colors at the header are immaterial since the PC-LINK is sold as a small circuit board with a female header, and any other implementation could use arbitrary colors. It is possible to connect the header wrong, which causes the SI and SO connections to be swapped. A silk-screened bar appears on the alarm board to suggest how to orient the header (so the header board is next to the silk-screened bar. Pin 1 of the header is the SI connection, pin 4 is the SO connection. "SI" and "SO" appear on some alarm boards next to the header, but not all boards have that.


9 pin D-SUB female connector layout
9 pin D-SUB female connector
at the Alarm PCB side
4 pin Mini-Molex (Berg plug) connector layout
4 pin Mini-Molex (Berg plug) connector
According to 19 reports in our database (15 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
DSC PC-Link Connector visual pinout:
DSC PC-Link Connector diagram
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