В этот раздел помещены различные электронные устройства и компоненты, которые не попали в остальные разделы.

Распиновки для / 3Com / ADC / Adtran / ADVA / Allied Telesyn / Baytech / Cisco / Dell / Intel / NetApp / Netscreen / Welch or follow to 5 OLD hardware pinouts.
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    Citizen printers RS-232 DB9F -DB25M cable for Citizen printers only
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    DSC PC-Link Connector For Programming DSC Alarm Panels with DLS Software
  • 6 pin mini-DIN male (PS/2 STYLE)
    Gyro Point II Base station PS/2 схема кабеля PS/2 (6 pin mini Din) - Gyro Point II (6 pin RJ12)
  • 9 pin D-SUB male
    HP printer serial cable Serial cable between Intel Netport ExpressXL and HP LaserJet printer
  • 5 pin XLR male
    LSC CodeLink cable used to upload software from PC to LSC lighting product
  • 8 pin mini-DIN male
    Mac to HP48 cable 
  • 9 pin D-SUB male
    NCR serial powered port This is the cable connector for NCR powered serial connector, as found on the realpos series.
  • 25 pin D-SUB male
    Panasonic KX-TD1232 (DSHS) - PC cable RS-232C cable for connect PBX Panasonic KX-TD1232 (DSHS) with PC
  • 9 pin D-SUB male
    RS-422 ADAT sync cable Alesis ADAT synchronization cable
  • 5 pin USB HDD case proprietary
    USB 2.0 Disk connector cable Cable wiring diagram for USB cables used on some portable HDD cases.

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