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May be used to build your own USB cable and connect this camera to the comuter.

Pin 1 is closest to the shutter release button, and pin 10 is closest to the battery door at the bottom. The connector is the same type used on the older Palm Pilots e.g. Palm III, VIII Hotsync Cable (with some peeling).

Pin Signal Name Description

goes to R57 (unpopulated), to U2.79. Use unknown.

R18 (4.7K) - U2.30 (P31) & delete button. Also through R68 (unpopulated) to JP1.2

R2 (unpopulated) - pin 6 of SST program memory FLASH. This is address bit 17, which isnt used by the size FLASH memory installed.

R5 (1K) - U2.33 (P13). Use unknown.
USB +5V power
Connects to red wire.
USB Ground
Connects to black wire (you can also use pin 2 or 10).
USB Data +
Connects to green wire.
USB Data -
Connects to white wire.

10 pin PALM proprietary of Dakota digital camera USB connector layout
10 pin PALM proprietary connector
at the camera
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Dakota digital camera USB visual pinout:
Dakota digital camera USB diagram
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