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Available on Sony KV-25XBR TV?s

Connecotr numbering: top row from left to right 18 to 34 , bottom row from left to right 1 to 17. Key is positioned on the top row ( 18 to 34 ) of the plug.

Pin Description
1 +5V power supply
2 +5V power supply
3 Audio (R) input GND
5 Remote control GND
6 Composite video output GND
7 Audio (L) input GND
8 Red Return (GND)
9 Green Return (GND)
10 Blue Return (GND)
11 GND
12 Blanking input Return (GND)
13 H.sync Return (GND)
14 N.C.
15 V.sync Return (GND)
16 GND
17 N.C.
18 N.C.
19 N.C.
20 Audio (R) Input
21 Mode Select
22 N.C.
23 Composite Video Output
24 Audio (L) Input
25 Red Input
26 Green Input
27 Blue input
28 N.C.
29 Blanking Input
30 H.sync or composite sync
31 V.sync
32 N.C.
33 RGB/NORMAL mode select
34 Audio Select


34 pins unspecified connector layout
34 pins unspecified connector
at the TV
According to 3 reports in our database (1 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Sony RGB Multi Input visual pinout:
Sony RGB Multi Input diagram
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