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Cable for 12VDC, Remote Mute
Radar Detector Pin
Radar Detector Pin
Direction Wires Pin
Wires Pin
LED 1 --> 1 LED 12VDC In -> 470-Ohn -> Power LED-> Detector -> Alert LED -> 2N3904 -> 680k -> Ground & 10k ->Pin 2
12+ 2 <-- 2 12+ 12VDC Positive
GND 3 <-- 3 GND Ground
Mute 4 <-- 4 Mute Remote Mute - Use N/O Switch - Terminate after switch with 470-Ohm

There is a report that +12v is at pin 4.

Comment from Paul Gardner

I think where the power lines are all depends on what you are usind as the cord if you are using a standard telephone cable (rj11) with the 4 connectors I think you have the correct diagram. However if you are usind a CAT4 cable then you are still looking at the middle to wires for the power and groung but now they are pins 3 and 4


6 pin RJ12 (6P6C) female connector layout
6 pin RJ12 (6P6C) female connector
at the Radar Detector
According to 4 reports in our database (1 positive and 2 negative) this pinout may be incorrect.

Is this pinout
Escort Solo S2 / Passport Radar Detector visual pinout:
Escort Solo S2 / Passport Radar Detector diagram
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