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Used on Kayak and Vectra XU workstations.

System appears to use ATX signalling.

System Board Pin Pin
1 PwrGood (Blue) Power Ok (+5V & +3.3V is ok)
2 V_STBY (Orange) Standby Voltage
3 +5V Red
4 +5V Red
5 +5V Red
6 +5V Red
7 +5V Red
8 +3V Brown
9 +3V Brown
10 +3V Brown
11 +3V Brown
12 +3V Brown
13 Remote On (White) Power Supply On
14 -5V Purple
15 -12V Green
16 +12V Yellow
17 Ground Black
18 Ground Black
19 Ground Black
20 Ground Black
21 Ground Black
22 Ground Black
23 Ground Black
24 Low Power Grey
According to 3 reports in our database (3 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
HP Workstation PSU visual pinout:
HP Workstation PSU diagram
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Source(s) of this and additional information: HP Kayak XU Technical Reference Manual, I tested the PSU out of my Vectra XU system, and it matched this pinout.
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