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This port is located in SUN Sparcs such as SUN LX/Classic/SS4/5/10/20 and has both serial ports (A/B) in the same connector. Simply plugging in a regular serial cable in results in accessing port A.
Pin Name Port Dir Description
2TXDA-->Transmit Data
3RXDA<--Receive Data
4RTSA-->Request to Send
5CTSA<--Clear to Send
6DSRA<--Data Set Ready
7GND--System Ground
8CDA<--Carrier Detect
11DTRB-->Data Terminal Ready
12CDB<--Carrier Detect
13CTSB<--Clear to Send
14TXDB-->Transmit Data
15TCA-->Transmit Clock from DCE, usually not used
16RXDB<--Receive Data
17RCA<--Receive Clock from DCE, usually not used
18TCB-->Transmit Clock from DCE, usually not used
19RTSB-->Request to Send
20DTRA-->Data Terminal Ready
21TCOA-->Transmit Clock from DTE, usually not used.
25TCOB-->Transmit Clock from DTE, usually not used.
25 pin D-SUB female схематический вид разъема
Разъем 25 pin D-SUB female
at the computer
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Источник(и) этой и дополнительной информации: SUN Field Engineer Handbook, VolumeII, 12/15/93, from Niklas Edmundsson
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