VGA, DVI, S-Video and other video connectors
Defined by Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA)
Pin Name
1Audio output, Right
2Audio output, Left
3Audio output return
4Sync return
5Horizontal sync (TTL)
6Vertical sync (TTL)
91394 pair A, data -
101394 pair A, data +
13Video input, Y or composite in
14Video input, return
15Video input, C in
16USB data +
17USB data -
18USB/1394 common mode shield
191394 Vg
201394 Vp
21Audio input, Left
22Audio input, Right
23Audio input return
24Stereo sync (TTL)
25DDC return
26DDC data (SDA)
27DDC, clock (SCL)
28+5 VDC
291394 pair B, clock +
301394 pair B, clock -
C1Red Video
C2Green Video
C4Blue Video
35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" female connector layout
35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" female connector
at the videocard/monitor
35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" male connector layout
35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" male connector
at the cable
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Enhanced video connector (EVC) visual pinout:
Enhanced video connector (EVC) diagram
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