change of phase

Started by tukutra, Aug 25, 2007, 19:22

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I have Rosetta 800 and ProTools HD2.
Well , in ProTools I have a mono track to record it to another track .
Nothing is between , only Rosetta out 3 to input 1 ( for example ). 24/48Khz .
The result is obviously the same track , the same volume but out of phase .
I put a Massive Passive EQ in between and the same occurs .
I try another I/O configuration and always it?s the same .
The same for stereo tracks.
Is this normal?
Am I doing something wrong?
The problem can be solved inverting the polarity , I know , but I?m curious why it can happen .
Can a Sub25pin cable invert the phase?
Could be the other end of the d-sub cable wired out of phase?
How can I know if the end of the cable is out of phase ?
Thanks a lot.


I forgot to say my cables are ALVA Cableware D-SUB to 8 XLR male and D-SUB to 8 XLR female.