Ribbon Pinout for 2 X 2.5'' IDE RAID for Alienware m7700

Started by adam5000, Feb 28, 2009, 02:54

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I know its 40+40 to 50 pin ribbon, I have the original ribbon but its kind of hard to fallow.I have saved a few different pinouts but none showed how to connect the two hard drives or if anything would change the 50 pin connection at the motherboard    ?   Any input would be great

The motherboard is a CLEVO D900T



d900t - is intel mobo - has sata connector part# 43-D90T0-0B1(0) --100% AS I HAVE A WORKING UNIT.
d900k -amd mobo - seem to have ide connector, part# 43-D90T0-0A0 --looking for solution right now, dont have ide cable yet to test it with.


Here is direct view for D900T JHDD2 CONNECTOR ( schematics provided to me by max3) previous pict was for D900K and JHDD1