OneTouch glucose meter USB interface cable

Started by ramack, Jan 16, 2005, 21:38

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Quote from: JimLl on Apr 13, 2011, 19:58
After thinking I would build a cable and seeking pin-outs, I found this site and a lead on obtaining a free interface cable.  Go to this site  which will refer you to a place to make a phone call:  ALOM Technologies 1-888-334-9522.  I asked to obtain a FREE replacement for a One Touch Ultrasmart meter (USB) and they asked for name and address and said they would send UPS ground and I would receive in 7-10 days.  I asked again if fee and they replied "yes."  The person who answered was very nice and helpful and I think identified herself as working for Lifescan who also will sell you the cable for $29.95 plus S&H. I am pleased and grateful  but also puzzled.   Granted, the paid version has the software and the cable but the software can be downloaded for free.  April 13, 2011

JimLI, received free cable w/driver disk. BUT, how does one/did you download the Diab. Manag.ement software from Lifescan for free?   F


Thanks guy's. I called the number and they are still sending them free.




Oh my god, thanks for this thread.  I was about to spend $70 but I'm on medical leave/disability and can't afford it at the moment.  If I'm able to get a free one tomorrow, wow, thank you all for this -- I'll post an update when I call on Monday.


Cabe still available 10/20/2011 through phone number in previous post. Said they would FedX ground it out next day.


this is so much its real cost


I am told the Ultra One Touch cable has a chip in it to talk to the meter. Is this true?

GS Yankee

Thanks for this info!!
I ordered the cable 11/9/11 from ALOM Technologies 1-888-334-9522, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  The ALOM customer service (answered as Lifescan) person told me everyone can get one cable for free. 

I tried contacting Lifescan from their main web site contact info (three different times) and was instructed to contact one of three vendors that each charge $29.99+S&H.  That is when I started searching for an alternative.  Bayer Contour USB is $25 @ CVS plus there is a $5 off Bayer coupon available.  Bayer test strips cost 30% less.  Does anyone have experience with the Ultra Mini and Contour USB and software? 

This all new to me and I am trying to learn quickly.

Andrew Choi

Hello! I was just wondering if you can get glucose measurement directly from Ultra2 while the usb cable is plugged in? Or do I need to get from the normal way and then plugged the usb in?


does the Glucose interface cable still available tomorrow feb. 7, 2012


I called today because I lost my cable in a move, but unfortunately the program has ended
13 february 2012


Benito Carrera

Quote from: wf1g on Nov 20, 2009, 21:58
Can anyone tell me what serial 9 pin pin connections should should connect to the tip, middle connector and shank for the serial cable?
  I bought an original 9 pin D type cable one years ago from Lifescan, but have misplaced it.  I would rather build my own replacement rather than buy a complete new cable and software package.


This is what I did... It is a little bit more than just a connector USB to 3.5mm TRS conector.

    1. go to Ebay and look for  - DB 9 Female to TRS 3.5mm Male Plug Serial Data Cable - 4.95US free shipping
    2.  also for a USB to DB9 adapter - USB to RS232 Serial Port 9 Pin DB9 Cable Serial COM Port Adapter - $4-6 US

    The adapter USB to DB9 needs to install as a COM port.   You DO NOT want the ones that installs
     as a  Human Interface Devices or HID

Most of the COM PORT state made the adapter is made for PDA connections.   
Make sure you get a positive Email  from vendor stating installs as a COM port prior to buying. 
Else you will have 3 adapters like me.

The COM port adapters work DTR/CRS/RTS signals on the COM port even they are not used.

So for ten bucks and 20 days of waiting for Mail ..... your set.

Thanks for Reading....hope it helps

Also I'm using XP still and I have not tested this on Windows Vista/7/8 as don't own these OS's.