db-9 female to rj-45 cable

Started by New, Nov 06, 2004, 20:30

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Since one of my computers has an ethernet card but the other doesn't, I was wondering if it was possible to connect them together using this cable (it has a 9-pin female serial port connector on one end and an ethernet connector on the other end).

Thank you!


However it is possible, but NOT SUGGESTED: in fact the 9 pin is an RS-232 serial interface (with +/- 9 to 12 V) and the Ethernet interface is +/- 0,5 V DIFFERENTIAL, high speed interface.
So, if you need to connect 2 PC together, you MUST connect them usin either TWO Serial Interfaces OR Two Ethernet (now much cheaper) interfaces. In the second case you can use a HUB, with straight cables, or a DIRECT connection between ethernet cards using a CROSSED ethernet cable.
Otherwise you never get 2 pc's connected, and you'll risk to DAMAGE the ethernet card.


Yah, I was afraid that it might damage the card. Okay, I'll go shopping for a cheap NIC.

Thanks again!