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My connector plug in end of my scan tool was pulled off . Does anyone know the correct location of each wire to the pins at the connector? thank you
I recently found an x-530 subwoofer at electronic garbage disposal and i wanted to get it working.Sadly i just fount the sub unit(not the 4 speakers he is usually connected to).So i plugged it in and didnt hear any noise coming from the speaker,so I opened it up and replaced a blown fuse and burned trace,then i though it connets to PC using vga cable so i did that and that gave me signal it works.Speaker started humming and amplifier chips heated up and when i turned to volume knob it was getting louder.So i disconnected a VGA and tried to recreate it but i cant,chips are not turning on and all i can hear is transformer inside.So i was googling and saw this post from this site: and found something useful here but not useful enough.I connected pin 11 and 15 and pin 12 to 8 but nothing.
So I was wondering If anyone knows how to turn on amplifier and speaker and how to feed audio singal to the speaker.Thank you
Hi Folks
Since there are too many topics here and not knew where to look, I started the "USB Type C Pinouts and which to use for charging with 5Vdc at 6amps Charge" for the purpose of finding out which pins are for charging.

I have manu power supplies at 5Vdc that uses the 5 mm barel coax connector at 6 amps. I want to make an adapter between the Verizon Force Z and the PSU that I have.

So .... Disgus away and tell me each way to do this. Also source for Type C 3.2 connectors without or with terminals.

Thank you in advance

Ищу распиновку на данный бп.

I whant   
Breakout cable  ARRIS VIP5662W Wireless IPTV Receiver. for Bell, TELIUS or other
DIN 10 pins male to 6 RCA  The pinouts for the 10 pin mini-DIN male proprietary
Alternative method for video/audio connections. Offers
analog component, composite, and stereo audio outputs.
page 10 and 11

Thank you
Hello all,

I have an old HP Vectra VL 6 computer whose Power supply failed.
The power supply connector is very similar to HP vectra VL5 ( but has a 14th wire (colored grey), placed before pin 1 (as also mentionned by other users in reports section).
Also there is another 4 pin molex connector for 3.3V.

Does anyone knows what is the function of this pin ?
I tried to map a standard ATX power supply instead of the original PSU (based on 12/13 pin version found here) but it does not work.  :-\

Any help would be appreciated !
hi everyone , i need help please.
iam making an RGB ps1 and ps2 cables (to use with NTSC and PAL consoles) , some sites say that pin2 is the right audio channel and some sites say that its the left audio channel. which is the correct information please?
many thanks
hi guys
i have a hp1400watt felxslot power server
how can i full load this power ?
when connected pin 2 to - power get run but whit 6.67volts
I am trying to convert 26 pin Ribbon cable from Dell Floppy Drive to 9 pin Mother Board. I have a picture of the End connector from Ribbon cable to Mother board but can't find out how to post a picture.Is it ok to send me email and i will email picture to anyone that might help me idenify Picture of end cable!Thanks