Serial (DB9) over CAT5

Started by tundranugget, Feb 23, 2011, 04:50

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I need to create a serial connection between two locations that are blocked by a solid concrete wall. However, there is a CAT5 cable available to me. I know I could use a Black Box Serial Over Ethernet Extender, but the equipment I am connecting to has had problems with these Black Boxes. Is there a way to solder DB9 connectors onto both ends of the CAT5 cable - I know I will have to drop a pin from the DB9. Which pin can I omit? What would the pinout look like. I need male one end and female the other end.




hi here the pinouts     1-1  2-3 3-2  5-6-8 to 20 other connector  7-7   visa versa 5-6-8-20   if  no buffer strap 4-6 c rossover