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Started by erikocc, Oct 12, 2007, 09:14

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i bought a mini-usb headset for my motorola pebl (uses the same parts as razr). I pulled it apart so that I could rewire it to a handheld phone, just for the joy of hacking it.. it appears that this pinout is not totally correct at least for my use. the only problem is that the connection from usb to the little piece that has the switch and built in mic broke before i wrote down the schematic.. that sucks. but, what i can see is that on my connector, i know for certain that number 4 is ground, as it is also soldered to the metal casing of the usb plug, but the X is also some sort of ground, and i dont know why they would use two different grounds.
since i broke my connector, i would like to resolder it if anyone has a certain label standard for me, i am not to sure about the one on this page since it only shows one ground.


wait, i totally screwed that up.

the only pin that i know for certain is the ground, and it is number 1 based on the numbered picture schematic for mini-usb shown on the universal(generic)cell phone usb cable pinout.

unless i am looking at it backwards from your diagram, which i really do not think i am, that pinout diagram is completely wrong in my application.