Compaq Evo W6000 pinout help!!!

Started by Outlander, Jan 03, 2008, 06:02

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So I got my new/used compaq board in the mail today for a good price on eBay, well I soon found out why. None of the connectors are standard on this board, Grrr.. Bad compaq.  So it doesnt work. Does anyone here know the pinouts to the main power in connector? It's a 24pin connector? Looks like eATX? And there is also a 6 pin aux power connector called P5 that I need aswell to get this thing fired up.

It seems to be an awesome board, dual xeon 603 sockets, AGP Pro slot and no crappy 64 bit pci or on board video to deal with. It's just too bad the seller neglected to mention that it will NOT work with standard equipment, and too bad I did'nt do my research.  :-\

Freaking compaq.



Well from my experience with Compaq you would be better off getting a Compaq PS rather than trying to re-pin. If you have board #239059-001 or 254545-001 you could use Compaq PS #202348-001 which is the OEM for the W6000. What case are you putting this into? The mounting holes for the MB do not match a standard ATX case so you will need to modify the case with some drilling and stand-offs. The PS won't fit an ATX either without some modification. Best thing to do is find an EVO CMT case. I don't want to discourage would be better off in the long run getting a non-proprietary MB. The time and money spent trying to adapt this MB will drive you crazy.



Page 142 shows what I have been told is the power switch pinout information. I am not savvy enough to remove the page from the document to post it.

I also have not reworked a power supply or acquired one yet for my motherboard. I am unsure if this is the only Compaq 24 pin power connecter pinout.


New Information!! Ckeck page 132

Technical Reference Guide
Compaq Evo D300/D500 Personal Computers and W4000



This seems to support my conclusion that the Compaq 24 pin power connector pinout at Pinouts.Ru is either incorrect or is not the only Compaq 24 pin layout. I think the ftp site that I just posted is the one that I need for my P4 D500 Spider S Board. Hopefully I will receive a reply confirming my findings from John Kirk tomorrow.