DVI-d to vga adapter vs. DVI-I to vga adapter.

Started by Cntrl_ALT_Repair, Sep 24, 2014, 04:32

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hello, first time poster. I am an electronic tech and am always trying to make my own interfaces and adapters. I found a VERY simple way to make a DVI-I to vga adapter which required no components, just simply wiring the two together correctly. Without the four extra "c" pins, as in the DVI-I conncector, I can not find a simple adapter schematic/ diagram fotr the dvi-d  connector  to go to vga. They are avaible for purchase very small and cheap, so It can not be to much more complex. any input is appreciated, thank you


Dvi-d to vga adapter should be rather complicated due to difference in interfaces. It should include some schematics for digital to analog conversion.