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Title: Need Help...S-video to Composite/VGA/HDMI
Post by: bemyself on May 04, 2008, 13:06
Hi All,

I have DSD Humax ND-2200S which only have Composite, Coax and S-video (4 pin) output.
I want to connect it to my LCD TV, direct connection is simple using composite or s-video interface.
But I want to activate PIP feature on the LCD TV which only can activate through component (can't be adjust 480i/576i resolution), vga or hdmi input as main input.
So I am looking for any possibility of making the connection using S-video (output from DSD) to vga, component or hdmi (to input LCD TV).
Is there any solution for this ? if yes, which one is simple and cheap solution ?
Hopefully, it doesn't need h/w converter module which is expensive.

Thanks in advance.