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Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / No sound
Last post by Rob1944 - Sep 23, 2021, 17:31
Hi plugged in a after market sterio in 2004 Lexus rx300 sterio comes on fine but no sound any ideas please

Ищу распиновку кабеля для прошивки КВМ ATEN LIN5-04A2-J13G - стерео jack на com портYou cannot see attachments on this board.
Hello There,

Anyone here is aware how to interface the mPCIe signals to M.2 adaptor for NVME SSD drives?
Anyone have a source for a 32 pin harness for connecting to the wiring that goes into the Bluetooth Handsfree unit? This is in a 2014 EX without navigation, with i-Mid.

I want to replace the factory radio without cutting into any of the existing wiring. The Axxess HDCC-01/ASWC-1 combo comes with a harness for all the other connectors, but not that one. I want to use the phone controls, and maybe the built in mic that are in that connector.
Errors and updates / APC Smart-UPS 5G cable pinout
Last post by stevenfalco - Aug 12, 2021, 21:37
The page for the APC Smart-UPS 5G cable pinout, AP940-0625A and AP940-1525A apc_0625_cable_pinout shows a picture of a male 9-pin D-SUB connector at the PC cable.  I think this should instead be a picture of a female 9-pin D-SUB connector.

The table correctly lists a DB9F.  The only problem is the picture of a male connector that should be female.

Note: I bought one of these cables from Amazon, and it does come with a female connector.  Also, if you go to the APC site APC AP940-0625A you can clearly see that the connector should be female.
I have a 1999 Silverado which has an AM/FM CD head unit and a slave cassette player in the console. I've found a list of the wire colors and what their purpose is, problem is, a few colors I have more than one of that color. I don't want to put +12v power in, to a wire that may be a signal out wire. It has what they call the 20 pin plug. There is an upper and lower plug. Both plugs are one piece which have a grove separating each side of the plug. The top plug is black with a 6 pin plug on the left and a 4 pin plug on the right. The bottom plug is white with a 4 pin plug on the left and a 6 pin on the right. If anyone has a pin out the shows which color wire goes in what pin hole I would love a link or be able to look at it.

Hi everyone,

I need the pinouts for the Logitech Z4 9 pin D-SUB subwoofer female connector.

Thanks in advance!!!
I think using 4pin is perfectly adequate.
I recently bought a new LCD, and I found that it is 8pin where the power supply, there are a lot of duplicate items, why is this?
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