Pinout For A 6 Pin AV Din Surveillance Camera Connector

Started by Ken, Jun 17, 2005, 13:43

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I have a Lorex (ADT) B&W Security System used with a quad Processor. The cameras are motion sensor all weather with audio listening and voice return(or intercom type) features. In order to get a four-way screen I must forfeit audio because the processor has only BNR/RCA connection. So the couplers I have are BNR - 6 pin DIN - power supply Y connectors and feature no audio feed which I assume is eliminated at the Y when switching from 6 pin direct to monitor to BNR in the processor. Whew! Problem is camera 4 stopped functioning and I traced down the glich to the Y coupler where the power and coaxle split off the 6 pin DIN. Knowing I had a faulty connector and being the ametuer jack of all trades master of none type, figured perhaps I could cut out the bad section and splice back together. WRONG! The wire color goes as follows: The power supply jack (female) has a YELLOW (positive) unshielded Ground...The BNR jack has a YELLOW (positive) unshielded Ground... The 6 pin has a RED-BLACK-BLUE-GREEN-CLEAR-YELLOW and unshielded Ground. If someone could supply me with the proper pinout or wire color assignment I would truly be beholdin' Thanx