Pinout of Philips Viewfinder Plug [request]

Started by lukelukeluke, Mar 21, 2010, 19:49

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I'd like to know where to plug video signal and where power for a Philips external Viewfinder.

Camera Description: VKR 6840/00 PAL (Input 9.6V 8.5W)
Viewfinder Description: Philips Mod, No. VF-6840/00 (DC 8V 0.65W)

The viewfinder looks like this:

The connector has 8 pins arranged in a circle.


you will need to find 3 wires, positive, ground and video signal.
I did one already  /


wait. I got that video before in youtube bacause I am also looking for that before. That is one good tutorial that will probably help you. let me find it for you. I'll post the link later.