Help! Anybody know this Plug here (Photo)

Started by Oli, Sep 30, 2007, 18:39

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Hello and 12 Points from Germany for this site :)


As you can see maybe, it has 2*5 Pins and the size is 7mm wide and 2-3mm high.

I have baught a BT-Headset called "Qstik". There is a plug for the stereo-headphones but i want to use my better HiFi Phnes with the 3,5mm plug.Does anybody know the name of the kind of plug they used? I want to build an adapter n 3,5mm.

Thx in advance!


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It is a 10 pin mini-usb, found them here:

Not shure: is it also used for the Alcatel E-801 phone?

Now i search for a supplier



i think this might help you... search for "Alcatel 801 usb pinout" in google images, you will see a three images gif, and the third one tells one everything you need to build the adaptor.