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Errors and updates / APC Smart-UPS 5G cable pinout
Last post by stevenfalco - Aug 12, 2021, 21:37
The page for the APC Smart-UPS 5G cable pinout, AP940-0625A and AP940-1525A apc_0625_cable_pinout shows a picture of a male 9-pin D-SUB connector at the PC cable.  I think this should instead be a picture of a female 9-pin D-SUB connector.

The table correctly lists a DB9F.  The only problem is the picture of a male connector that should be female.

Note: I bought one of these cables from Amazon, and it does come with a female connector.  Also, if you go to the APC site APC AP940-0625A you can clearly see that the connector should be female.
I have a 1999 Silverado which has an AM/FM CD head unit and a slave cassette player in the console. I've found a list of the wire colors and what their purpose is, problem is, a few colors I have more than one of that color. I don't want to put +12v power in, to a wire that may be a signal out wire. It has what they call the 20 pin plug. There is an upper and lower plug. Both plugs are one piece which have a grove separating each side of the plug. The top plug is black with a 6 pin plug on the left and a 4 pin plug on the right. The bottom plug is white with a 4 pin plug on the left and a 6 pin on the right. If anyone has a pin out the shows which color wire goes in what pin hole I would love a link or be able to look at it.

Hi everyone,

I need the pinouts for the Logitech Z4 9 pin D-SUB subwoofer female connector.

Thanks in advance!!!
I think using 4pin is perfectly adequate.
I recently bought a new LCD, and I found that it is 8pin where the power supply, there are a lot of duplicate items, why is this?
why does usb to sata power connector not work for laptop hard drive? thx
any mining/egpu pcie to to usb 3.0 pinout? thx
Hello everyone,
I'm in the process of adding the HFT (Hands Free Telephone) installation to the 2013 Honda CR-V. I can't find the pinout diagram of the 39775-T1G-E000 32-pin bluetooth module anywhere. I have browsed and asked in many forums - unfortunately without success. Has anyone encountered this scheme and is able to help me?

Разъем 5x7 на картинке пронумерован неверно. Нумерация должна быть зеркальной.
Hi, i ask my self if a SATA Slimline connector can used with a USB cable and how to build it.....[/img]
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