magnetcard-barcode pen wedge

Started by erik hagen, Oct 31, 2008, 19:02

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erik hagen


I am looking for a magnetcard-barcode pen wedge to connect to my keyboard connector

Preferable something to build my self.

So the question is, does someone have any info and or a schematic diagram to help me out.
I have tried to make one with a 74ls126

from pin 2 a 914 (anode on 2, kath on 1 cap to gnd ) to pin 1, this for all 4 drivers, the idea is to enable the  driver with high pulses, stored in the cap.
did not fit any pull up or down R's on eitherside

One pair( outputs tied together  for clock and data)for a keyboard, another pair for a barcode pen or magnetcard reader.must be some kind of OR function, thats is my idea about it
But it wont work, why not??

Powersupply to the interface is OK

who can and will help me, i am shure its a simple solution.