rj12 keyboard DEC VT320 plug pinout

Started by binary.koala, May 22, 2006, 00:04

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hi, i was wondering around about DEC VT320 (and clones) rj12 keyboard plug pinout. Couldn't find much, and the only match for "rj12" on pinouts.ru is atari keyboard...
I'm gonna try it out for VT, will report if it works.

if you have more info about DEC VT rj12 plugs - please let me know.



6 Pins:

1 - +5V
2 - +5V
3 - Tx (Transmit)
4 - Rx (Receive)
5 - GND
6 - GND


thanks for the info Mike, but it looks exactly like that atari pinout.
i have tried it (with regular pc keyboard) and it didn't really work.
so my next question is: can i just rewire and use PC AT keyboard or it differs from VT320? (shouldn't as i believe)