***UNKNOWN CABLE*** can anyone identify it?

Started by johnnkristi, Nov 17, 2013, 18:02

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I have a connection cable and I can not identify it to save my life or even find a picture of one , CAN ANYONE PLEASE ASSIST ME IN DETERMINING WHAT DEVICE THIS CABLE BELONGS TO.

I have included a drawing of the cable to help if i can fint a way to attach it to this post


1st end = 8 pin mini-DIN (male)  w/ 2 black wires
                 approx 2.5mm jack (2-pole) on white wire

2nd end= power connector Male 2-pole (outer shield and inner connector-standard) on black wire
                white and yellow rca (male) white on white wire and yellow on black wire

Thanks for any help.


Please post the photo of your cable (with connectors visible).


My best guess is it is to a Camcorder, or Camera with video. 

The Mono 2.5  likely connects to the Yellow RCA  for the video.   The Din connector is the device's multi port , ans in this case is out-puting audio to the white RCS jack and is receiving power from the DC powerjack.  Mono 2.5 <->   Yellow RCA  for the video    was not too uncommon in the 90's - early 2000's