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I would like to submit the pinouts for the 24 pin and 16 pin connectors. There is also an 8 pin connector pinout because this diagram applies to other models as well.
Here is a list:
2004 -08 F-150
2005 -07 F-250
2005-0-7 Freestyle2
2005-06 Mustang
2005-07 F-350
2005-07 F-550
2005-08 Focus
2006-08 Explorer
2007-08 Edge
2007-08 Expedition
2007-08 Sport Trac
2006 Zephyr
2006-07 Mark LT
2007-07 MKX
2007-08 Navigator
2005-06 Montego
2006-08 Milan
2006-08 Mountaineer
May I request a discussion about this..Hoping for your kind consideration...
May I request for pinouts of toyota 86120-01230 pinouts or Delphi PN: 28143549 car stereo pinouts.
Who can help me?

I 'm Waiting

Good day
I have KIA Pride Model Before 1998 included ECU Siemens And 20pin Diagnostic connector on the Under Hood
Specification this Here

I Need To Connect this model and witch interface Compatible For talking Engine ? I mean Can i Use FT232RL on this model ?
if yes . please tell me Witch connector of ft232rl to witch PIN on diagnostic connector ?

if no . Please tell me witch interface Compatible Kia pride 20pin ?

I need Electronic Diagram for make with my self

Please help me .
Thank you And Best Regards  
Hi all,
I have this Matrox RT.X100 capture device that is missing its original breakout cable and I need to use it immediately, is there anyone who knows the pinouts of the breakout cable and socket?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Everyone,

I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 MT which I would like to upgrade psu due to upgrading the GPU.
It has a Dell standard 290watt power supply model :290AM-00 and it came with a 8 pin connector at the sate of 20/24 pin.

I purchased a PSU Corair Cx600 this one has a 24 pins cable. I even contacted dell for a alternative power supply they only have standard psu.

Is their someone who can help me convert from to 24 pin to 8 pin ?
I tried to figure out with a mutimeter but I really didin`t figure out very well.

I upload some pictures as example. any help will be appreciated

Dear Friends,

Good Day

I have a question, I have Skoda Fabia 2002 (1.4 MPI) (50KW). I want to know which CAN Communication porotocol it has. I saw the PIN and CAN table in your website but it still not not clear for me. Therefore, I would like to ask your help about the CAN protocol type, is it KW1281 or ISO9194-2?

My CAR details:
Skoda Fabia Comfort
Engine Size (1.4) MPI
Power : 50 KW (68HP).

Yes old topic.  But wanted to comment on last post in case somebody runs across this thread in future as these meters and the over priced cables are still being sold.

I ordered both cables mentioned in previous post.  Got the serial data cable today.  Tried plugging it into computer serial port directly.  Yea I have an old computer!  Software couldnt find meter.  I assume this latest version of software only looks for usb ports??? Or converter cable chipset??

The serial to usb converter cable is on its way via slow boat from China so try again then.  It has the PL2303 chip so assume it mimics actual serial port rather than the HID port mentioned.

This is only webpage where I found the suggestion of serial data cable + converter cable mentioned.  And I think its great suggestion if it still works.  Hate to think how many people been ripped off buying either the way overpriced official OneTouch cable or the somewhat overpriced knockoff cable now available several places on Amazon.
Hi guys!

I recently bought a 1999 Toyota Harrier equipped with a Matsushita head unit mod. 86120-48030, I'd love to get more info about this HU and all the wiring diagrams.

Anyone can help me please?

What's that 8 pin port on the left for? and what about those 3 on the right?

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