Lid Switch Contacts - HP Pavilion DV1000

Started by TECHMAN, Sep 20, 2007, 20:00

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The lid close switch for my HP Pavilion notebook model dv1000 broke into small pieces and I would like to hardwire the contacts holes on the pc board so that the LCD will stay lit all the time (I will shut down the notebook before closing the lid).  Does anyone know how I should wire the contacts?


Open (or "Off"). The button is pushed as the lid is closed.
Use a VERY fine-tipped soldering iron, and some de-soldering wick, and VERY CAREFULLY remove the switch. If you don't feel you can do that small of a soldering job, just use a pare of fine tweezers to remove the top pieces of the switch untill you have nothing but the contacts in an open position (again, with much care not to knock off any other small components). In other words, just make sure none of the (probably) 4 pins on the remains of the switch are touching.