PC won't boot, with Antec P.S.

Started by FRED70, Mar 17, 2008, 18:46

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 My intent was to change to the Antec SP350 , now my PC, with a Gigabyte MB won't boot up until I go back to the old PS.
Is it because that there is a difference where the Blue wire is on the 20-pin connector?
I can't believe that the Antec wiring / pin config would be different than the first 2 power supplies that the system used?

When I swapped in the Antec P.S.,the computer will post ,count ram, find hard drive, but then just hangs at that point.
It a solid system that I built 4 or 5 years ago that is consistently used daily for my book keeping & Internet surfing. With a Giga-byte Dual Bios GA-7VTXH+ M.B., AMD ATHLON 1700, 1G Crucial DDR PC3200 ram. IT IS NOT USED FOR GAMING ANY MORE.
My intention was to swap in an Antec SP350 Power supply (bar code numbers D05030178845) , as a quieter unit than the 200W Power Tronic (KW-6200DL3) that works fine but......it won't boot all the way to Windows with the Antec Smart Power 350.
Here are the 20 pin connector differences that I notice,
Antec PS has 2 yellow wires at pin 10, as opposed to 1,
Antec PS has 2 wires at pin 11 (Or+Bn) as opposed to just 1 Orange,
Antec PS has Bu wire at pin 12 as opposed to a Bn,
Antec PS has no wire at pin 18 as opposed to a Bu.

I know that the 200W Power Tronic (KW-6200DL3) is not the original that came with the case, it is one that I got from a buddy a year ago but ,,it was an easy plug & play swap.


Maybe the Antec is ATX, and the MB is not, or vice versa. You'll have to check the outputs with a multimeter by shorting the power lead (usually green) to ground and measuring the outputs.