Activate UART MODE in Sony Ericsson K series, W series (12 pin Connector)

Started by Poedjianto, Jun 07, 2007, 11:14

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How to activate the UART MODE in Sony Ericsson mobile phone?
I saw in that pin5 and pin6 in pinout say that
- pin 5 is DFMS (Data From Mobile Station) / SP_L
- pin 6 is DTMS (Data To Mobile Station) / SP_R
My question is
Is DFMS and DTMS means that is Tx and Rx?
How to switch that pin to use SP_L or UART mode?

In my reference, SP_REF in pin2 connected to Gnd, so the mobile is in SPEAKER OUT mode, not UART mode.

I hope someone can help me about this...
or any comments....

Thanks alot

- PJ -