PNY MaxFile Attache - USB wires broke

Started by Josh, Jul 22, 2007, 21:22

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I need some help with my 12GB Attache - all four of the wires came undone when I tried to unplug it, leaving the male end of the connector in the computer... and now I don't know in which order they need to be soldered back together.  The 4 wires inside aren't the standard colors for USB; these are RED, BLUE, GREEN, and GOLD.  I think the red goes to pin 1 and gold goes to pin 4, but the blue and green ones I couldn't tell.  If I get the two data ones mixed up will I fry the thing, or could I do a trial and error test?  Are they interchangeable? 
If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks


I'm trying to fix one that has the same problem. Mine has pieces of the wires hanging off so I can tell which ones are which. If you hold the male connector with the usb orientation tab inside the connector up and point the connector end away from you the wires from left to right are gold blue green red. I hope that is not too confusing.