Help. I need connecting pinout for 5 pin DIN to USB please.

Started by Ste132, Aug 10, 2005, 05:33

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I have seen the pinouts for USB and 5 pin DIN. The USB pinout 2 has data - and pinout 3 has data +. The 5 pin DIN only has 1 data pinout.

I really need help to connect the 5 pin DIN data pinout to USB data pinout.


In a perfect world we would be able to connect the data lines from one bus to another and have it work the way you think it would. However when working with the 5-pin DIN (I'm guessing a PS2 port on a computer) and USB this is not possible. These two connectors use a completely different data protocol. In fact, the voltages on the wires of the USB data lines aren't even the same as the voltage range used on the PS2 port's data line.

All hope is not lost though. It requires a bit of circuitry and knowledge of programming PIC microcontrollers, but such an interface could be designed that would allow you to take data from a 5-pin DIN connector and send the data to a PC though the USB port. But this requires quite a bit of know edge and the willingness to go through with it.

If you really want to do it, I can point you in the right direction. Email me at the address in my user name above.



Sorry that was me before. Anyway, thanks for your help