Freecom USB to IDE interface

Started by nealg58, Sep 02, 2007, 04:56

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I am looking for drivers and the pinout of the above interface.  It has a 26 pin D-Sub highdensity connector on one end and a standard USB on the other.  Freecom made the device and it is also sold under the Phillips and OnStream names.  The model is FW921.  Inside it has a Lattice Semiconductor array, ScanLogic SL11R-100 chip and a few others that look to be standard TTL logic.  Any help is appreciated.


I forgot to add that the 26 pin connector is not a standard one.  The top row and middle row have 9 pins each and the bottom row has 8 pins.  The 26 pin connector listed here, which is labeled a VGA type, has 9 pins on the top and bottom row and 8 in the middle.