i have monitor his pinout is not regulary please help me

Started by edtata, Jul 18, 2007, 23:04

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Please send me your email address because i want to send you pictures please help me ok thank you

send me your email please for send you picture of pinout ok tank you also


I want pinout for SEGAM MY-X8 Can you please help me ? My mail id is patilmmilind@gmail.com


I am seeking the "composit" (some folks call them "component") outputs for my Sony VAIO laptop computer. This is an audio/visual oriented machine with a female DB15 connector, as well as what looks like a 4 pin female DIN connector. I want to bring out the video, as well as left and right audio outputs.


the 4pin din should be s-vhs, only video. the db15 is probly svga. neither of these have audio. does the db15 have 2 or 3 rows?
if it has 3, its DEFINITELY svga your best bet is s-vhs to your tv and a 3.5mm to rca adapter from the headphone out to your tv.
hope this helps