Nokia 6230i - convert pop-port to fit Nokia 6310i for Carkit

Started by KevinC, Aug 18, 2005, 15:34

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I have a carkit using a POP-port connector for the 6230i.
Is it possible that I make a convertor from this Pop-port to the DLR-3 port used by the 6310i?

The problem:
The DLR-3 uses a SGnd (negative pole for both Ear and Mic)
The Pop-port uses Mic Negative Mic Positive  Ear Negative  Ear Positive.

Can I simply connect Mic Negative and Ear Negative of the pop-port to the SGnd????

If so, than it sould be possiple to create a convertor.
Or are there pre-made convertors available?


Kevin :-)