S-Video out to RGB?

Started by Problemi, Jul 03, 2005, 00:41

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Nice website, i find it very usefull, but have a question.
I have a VGA card with TV/out and would like to make it run on arcade monitor which is the same as any TV monitor. Can you help me about that problem or gimme a hint how can i solder it.

Thanks in advance
Esad Ismailov

Email: esadismailov@yahoo.com


this is a problem vga, video or svideo do not match.
there are converters for this problem. arcade monitors are 15 khz.
vga is way higher around 31khz. you can easily destroy a 15 khz crt by connecting vga.
you need a scan converter. start searching arcade related sites.
svideo has liminesence and chromatic. rgb has red green blue and horizontal vertical.
many converters can go from Source S-video to 15 pin vga, but only 31 plus khz output. not 15khz.
15 khz monitors lack much of the data even if you could get it to work you would stil loose a lot of detail and would be unreadaable in windows and with slight color mismatch.
multiple levels of problems here. 1) computer picture high dpi. 2)s-video to rgb 15 khz arcade screen does not exist or extreemly rare. 3)a converter is needed for wiring and chip to seperate to rgb 15 khz.
A better solution is to buy a very special 3d video card that puts out the 15 khz directly.
I prefer to buy a new screen if i were you. nice flat panel that has s-video and svga.
the converters cost a lot around $100 usd on up $200. a projector usually has all connectors inputs also. it gives you the largest picture for the money. $400 on up. as of sept 2007.