Gyropoint Pro II Freespace Mouse Questions

Started by BASF, Sep 15, 2007, 20:19

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Hello,I am a new user to this forum.  I have found some similar pinouts to the one I need (PS/2 and 6p6c), but I am stumped because it just looks like it is a direct cable (6p6c female on the receiver, so the cable is 6p6c male on one end and male PS/2 on the other end) two plugs into the computer.

I am looking for is 6p6c to PS/2 cable, is there any chance that the pinout might be non standard.  This cable is used to connect the Gyropoint Pro II Receiver to the computer via the PS/2 Mouse plug so i don't want to ruin it.

Here are some basic questions.. I have.

I am unsure if this pinout is direct or if it would be a crossover?  What is the best way to make my own cable without damaging the motherboard or the mouse receiver?  I have burnt up a few motherboards interfacing them through the serial port.  if there is any interest or anyone willing to help me out, i wouldgladly post the pinout which works?


I actually registered just to answer this one cause these things are so freakin' sweet! (not to mention rare!)
I found 2 of these in their boxes being thrown out were I worked awhile back (mil. base), and they have the cables. Time to break out the multi meter...
(an hour later)...Ok, I just posted the pinout on here under Gyropoint II PS/2 cable schematic.
If you are going to build this yourself, I recommend cutting the PS/2 jack off of an old mouse, and buying an RJ12 (2-line) phone cable at radio shack or wallmart, and cutting that in half. Get the multi meter and the soldering iron out out and have fun!
The pinout to the GPII base is: 1-Clock 2-gnd, 3-gnd, 4-Vcc, 5-Data, 6-gnd. Just some F.Y.I.: The other Jack uses a standard 3-wire phone headset cord, and can plug in to the mouse under the batteries, for an optional "wired" mode (there is a hole in the battery cover for the cable to run through). These things chew through AAs like mad, so it is worth using the wire sometimes (or do what I did and get some 2100Mah Ni-Mh cells).
Good Luck! Please let me know if this works for you!