Composite video to VGA

Started by gsm06x, Jul 10, 2009, 13:26

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  Need schematics to conect composite video from PAL camera to VGA monitor


Quote from: gsm06x on Jul 10, 2009, 13:26
 Need schematics to connect composite video from PAL camera to VGA monitor
This is not just a pin out as the signal needs to be scale up to the VGA frequencies.  Composite runs at around 15khz and VGA at over 32khz  see the problem?  In addition the signal would have to be split from composite to RGBHV.  That is why scalars are sold.  You can find scalars starting at around US$100 and upwards of US$10,000  :o

Hope this helps.  Schematics for such thing are not easy.


perhaps he means component to VGA? would that be possible?


hey, guys, composite video or component to vga are all possible. there are some ready-made products in the market, you can find it, it is not that expensive. if you are not just looking for a product, please contact me at so we can talk further. we have scalar IC designing such kinds of products. what we do is to design SCH, PCB layout and SW and so on...